Sunday, June 7, 2009

Herb Garden!

It is growing well!


Jon&Elee said...

Natalie, Trader Joes was selling beautiful basil plants the other day! You could smell them when you walked in the door. That made me really happy. I got 2 of them to add to my newly expanded garden. Do you have plans for yours? The kids keep picking the leaves off of mine and eating them. We will see if there is anything left when I go to cook with it! Elee

Natalie said...

Hi Elee,

How much did they cost? I should go there and get some. I need to get a few more. I'm hoping to make pesto with mine, but I will need more basil before I get enough to make it. :)

Gotta go!

Candace said...

Hey Natalie!
I make pesto pretty much off the cuff... have the right ingredients... then throw it all in the food processor (or blender), taste as you go for the right flavor, and wah lah! =).

*basil leaves
*garlic gloves
(i prefer lots to make it spicier, but used to start with 3)
*pine nuts
(these are expensive, even in bulk so i always try to keep them stocked on hand in my fridge from Costco- cheapest there)
(you watch Rachel Ray so i know you know what that is =)
*parmesan cheese
(i try to buy the frigo brand or what i can get cheaply and use maybe half or a third of one of those wedges)
(to taste)

sorry its not more exact- it's not as fun. lol! you'll have to let me know how it goes... and if you come up with any new ideas to add to your pesto. it's awesome that you love to cook!

Hannah said...

Hi Natalie! I love your blog1 I also love to cook! Those herbs look wonderful.

~Hannah Paige